If you're hearing ads in Wondery+ content, a couple of things may be happening:

  • You might not be listening to a Wondery+ version of a particular show. You can confirm you're listening to the Wondery+ version of a show by looking at the cover art for the show and the title. The cover art will have a "W+" icon on it and the name of the show will include a "| Wondery+" at the end of the series title. If those elements are missing, then you're most likely listening to a free public version of the show, which includes advertising. To get the Wondery+ version of the show, visit https://wondery.com/plus-members, sign in and browse for the show you want.
  • We might be inadvertently inserting ads into the episode. If you've confirmed that you're listening to the Wondery+ version of the show (which means we're inserting ads where we shouldn't be), we definitely want to know about this and remedy the situation - please contact us through the Help widget in the lower right hand corner of this page and provide the series and episode title/number of the offending content. 
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