If you're on a PC or older Mac (lower than Catalina OS), iTunes is a popular way to listen to podcasts. This article explains how to get Wondery+ shows in iTunes. Keep in mind that iTunes is no longer fully supported by Apple, so you may run into issues even with these instructions. If so, let us know via the chat widget on this page and we'll do our best to help. If you're looking for instructions on how to add Wondery+ content to mobile apps, see this article instead

The first thing to know is that to listen to shows ad-free (and get early access and bonus content), you need to add Wondery+ versions of shows to iTunes.

  1. Go to your member portal https://wondery.com/plus-members (sign in if necessary)
  2. Browse the page for the shows you're interested in
  3. Click on any show
  4. Click on the iTunes logo from the right side of the page and follow the instructions to subscribe to the show's feed in iTunes
  5. In iTunes, to find the Wondery+ versions of the shows you subscribed to, go to Library --> Podcasts from the left-hand navigation. From here, make sure you select the version of each with a small "Wondery+" badge in the upper left corner of the cover art and "| Wondery+" appended to each show title.

NOTE: We've received reports from some users that Step 4 above is not always functional. We believe this is due to a bug in iTunes. If this button doesn't work, you can always manually copy/paste the show's feed URL into iTunes - follow these steps instead of Step 4 above:

  1. From any show page in your Wondery+ member portal, click the "Copy" button in the "Manual Link Setup" section at the bottom of the page.
  2. Go to iTunes and click on “File” in the top left menu
  3. Select “Subscribe to Podcast...” (Mac) or "Add a Show by URL" (Windows) from the dropdown
  4. Paste the feed URL you copied from your Wondery+ member portal and click OK
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