If you've signed up for Wondery+ but can't figure out how to listen to all the episodes of Joe Exotic: Tiger King, you're in the right place! Follow the instructions below and you'll be all set.

To get all of this show, you need to add the Wondery+ version of the show's feed to your podcast app. 

To do so is easy - follow the steps below (we've also made this handy video showing how this works for Apple Podcasts, if video is more your speed more your speed):

  1. Go to https://wondery.com/plus-members on the device where you want to listen (sign in again if necessary)
  2. Scroll down to Joe Exotic and click/tap on it
  3. Follow the provided instructions to add the Wondery+ feed for Joe Exotic to your supported podcast app
  4. Go to your podcast app's Library and scroll to the Wondery+ version of Joe Exotic: Tiger King. Select an episode to start listening! IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure you're looking for the Wondery+ version of the show. It'll have a small "W+" badge in the upper left corner of the cover art; the show will also be called "Joe Exotic | Wondery+". 

If you run into any issues or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out via the chat widget on this page.

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