If you subscribed to Wondery+ via our website or the Wondery app and you're on a computer, you can listen to Wondery+ versions of shows via Apple Podcasts or iTunes. See below for instructions.

If you subscribed to Wondery+ directly in the Apple Podcasts app, see this FAQ instead.

Listen on a computer via Apple Podcasts or iTunes Apps:

  1. Go to wondery.com on your computer and log in with your Wondery credentials

  2. Browse to any show page

  3. Select the "More Listening Options" button

  4. If you're on a Mac (MacOS Catalina or higher), click on Apple Podcasts

  5. If you're on a Mac (older OS version), or Windows PC, click on iTunes OR text yourself a link so it's easy to add feeds on your mobile device OR copy the private RSS feed for any show or feed to your clipboard so you can manually add it to any app that supports it. See this page for more info on adding private RSS feeds manually to a few other apps.

  6. Go to the Library section of your app and look for the Wondery+ version of the show you added*

*IMPORTANT: The Wondery+ version will be in addition to the free public version of the show you may have already downloaded. The Wondery+ version will have a small "W+" badge in the upper-left corner of the cover art. It will also have "| Wondery+" added to the end of the show name (e.g. "Joe Exotic | Wondery+").

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